Services provided by BCAX. We identify the user (visitor) privacy seriously. Your use of the service means you accept the terms here. Any terms not defined but defined in the Terms of Service will have additional meaning in the Terms of Service.

The information was collected

When you access our services, we may collect certain information devices such as android id, device id, imei, name your device. Allow us to authenticate the payment process, security.

Shelf service

You can stop using our services at any time. We're sorry if that happens.
All personal information will always be preserved in the process of using our services. When we suspended one that our service may give notice to you to take information from our services.

Changes, updates privacy policy

Privacy policy we can be changed and updated periodically. Please stay tuned to this page for updated information from our security. When you use the services below you agree to all terms of the privacy policy of our.